Refilwe Madumo has recounted how a policeman stopped her on the highway for an awkward reason.


According to the actress and media personality, she was driving on the highway when she was pushed off the highway by a police vehicle.

She stated that she couldn’t figure out what she had done wrong and when they had gotten her onto the emergency lane, one of them said he stopped her to ask for my number.

She shared this on her verified social media handle on Twitter and it reads;

“Driving with my kids and the police push me off the highway.I couldnt figure out what Id done wrong. When they’d gotten me onto the emergency lane one of them says he stopped me to ask for my number. I cant tell you how livid I was. I screamed at them so loud it made my kids cry.

I was so scared and so mad, it only registered afterwards that I should have taken their plate number at least. Not that anything would happen to them with our current policing and justice system.”



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