Comedian Michael Blackson has advised ladies to remain loyal to their men regardless of what they put them through after proposing to his girlfriend Rada.


Michael Blackson in the post described his girlfriend Rada as the future Mrs. Blackson as he advises ladies saying men look for loyalty therefore regardless of what they put you through, you must stay loyal to your man.

According to him, men fvck up but will eventually do the right thing just like he (Michael Blackson) has done the right thing now by proposing to his girlfriend Rada despite all that he put her through because she loved him.

Michael Blackson then said nothing good comes easy so trust in God and what is meant to happen will eventually happen as he talks about how blessed he is to have Rada who has been loyal to him all this time despite what he put her through.

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Adding that most of his haters call his future wife a gold digger but Rada has never asked for a penny from him as she’s very independent rather she’s actually the one that takes care of him plus allows him to have a side chick a month.

Ladies men look for loyalty, regardless of what we put you thru stay loyal to your man because we are fuck ups but we will eventually do the right thing. Nothing good come easy so trust in God and what’s meant to happen will happen

a part of his post read

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