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Reggie Rockstone Laments: ‘Ghanaians Hate Ghana’


Rapper Reggie Rockstone has lamented the unpatriotic nature of Ghanaians which has become a source of worry to him.

The veteran rapper, who is often credited as the originator of the Hiplife genre, believes Ghanaians are their own enemies; not supporting their own but throw their full support behind things of foreign origin.

Reggie said Ghanaian artistes don’t show support for each but rather engage in schemes which will bring the downfall of their colleagues.

He said:

“We really hate ourselves! We hate ourselves so much that Ghanaians will ask what is your English name. That is like asking what your slave name is. Ghanaians hate on each other, Ghanaians don’t like Ghana. We hate Ghana so much that we listen to Nigerian music all day.”

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