How time flies; it looks as though it was yesterday that the sad demise of Dancehall artiste, Ebony hit all of us with a jolt!

On February 8 this year, Ghanaians took to social media to eulogize the sensational artiste in commemoration of her first anniversary since she died.

Reggie Rockstone, the man many credit for pioneering the Hip-life Movement, revealed how he in particularly was utterly devastated about Ebony’s death.

According to the CEO of Rockstone’s Office, his wife saw Ebony as part of their family and even gave her the first mic, whilst revealing the gravity of her death on him.

“Even my wife saw Ebony as a family. Everyone that knows me or her can verify that almost on any day Ebony was free, she was at my place (Rockstone’s office)” he told Hammer on Pure FM in Kumasi.

“We were very close. I have grown and seen many deaths including that of my dad’s but Ebony’s death humbled me. I couldn’t believe it and it’s one of my painful experiences in life”, Reggie Rockstone revealed.



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