Residents Of Ayanfuri Call On The Government For Help As They Kick Against Relocation Plan By Mining Company

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Residents of Kakra Ye Bi Di, a suburb of Ayanfuri in the Central Region of Ghana are calling on the government over what they have labelled as deceit and injustice on the part of the mining company in the area.

Ayanfuri is a mining town and the mine is being managed by Perseus Mining. Per what we gathered, during blasting, there are some problems encountered by these residents.

With this in mind, the mining company rolled out measures to relocate these residents in 2012, however, these residents in this part of the town were not relocated although those in other areas were relocated.

Again, a moratorium was placed on these residents to discontinue any developmental projects they were doing with the company assuring them of giving them better places to live.

Well, it has been almost 8 years since the said relocation agreement was communicated, yet these residents were never relocated.

However, the mining company is now using data taken 8 years ago to relocate these residents, a move these residents are disputing.

What these residents want is for the company to take the data again because most of them have built houses to cater for their growing families.

A reporter from Cash FM in Kumasi went to the town and had a chat with some of the residents.

Listen to the audio below;


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