An anonymous man who was previously practicing occultism has saturated the media landscape with a wild allegation that could take forever to evaporate into thin air once it starts buzzing on the internet. As you could imagine, this man has repented and reportedly surrendered to Christ, consequently vowing to expose all his former members to warn Ghanaians so they don’t fall into their evil machinations.

The man has mentioned famous Ghanaian pastors who were his occult members and has therefore advised the general public especially Christians to open their eyes widely to avoid being led astray.

He says those pastors initially had the calling of God on their lives but could not withstand the little ‘pressure’ which came their way and have joined an occult group in Ghana to draw disciples for the kingdom of hell.

The former occult member revealed that the particular occult group is located in Tema where they meet and carry out their rituals. He alleged that Reverend Obofour feeds on placenta on the day of the week he was born which he claimed is a normal ritual by the occult members.

He continued and alleged that Reverend Obofour bonks about 10 women every month in a day as part of his rituals.


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