Reverend Obofuor has said he will continue jamming to Shatta Wale’s songs because his songs are better than the so-called Gospel musicians.

The founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel (APC), suggested that no one has the right  to judge him since those who call themselves gospel musicians have engaged in fornication and all sort of immoral activities, their songs are not worth listening or dancing to.

Adding to his explanation, he said even though Shatta Wale does secular music but comparing his songs to most of the modern gospels in which you can only hear “where are you!!!, are you hear!!!”, raise your hand!!!” you can tell Wale’s songs motivates.

“Who is a gospel artiste? The message in the song is the most important thing. Dances performed in the clubs, are they not being performed here in the church?

“Is Shatta Wale not a human being? Those who call themselves gospel musicians are engaging in s£xual immorality,” he said.


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