I chanced on a flyer of Airport View Hotel’s Buffet and as a food lover i was really fascinated about their GH50 price tag. Who doesn’t like value for money and ‘cheap’ food. I set up a date with another food lover friend on May 26th just so we can enjoy the buffet.

Unfortunately we were late to the buffet and we had to order using the menu. We had to sit for close to 10 minutes at their outdoor Terrace over looking beautiful painted buildings amidst waving and calling waters just so they can attend to us and even take our order. We first ordered drinks and i got my ‘signature’ Coke with lime and cubes whilst she got what seems to be her favorite – expresso . I must confess the waiter who took our drinks order delivered the drinks real quick and it was really chilled – my type of drink.

A different waiter came to take our food order and this is where the main issue started. The waiters for the 3 star hotel established on April 1st 2012 attended to us as if they were doing us a favor. i ordered for Banku and Okro soup because i was tired eating rice whilst my friend ordered something that looked like Friend Rice with Beef sauce. We talked and talked and still the food wasn’t ready. I was getting furious because my friend had to catch her bus to Takoradi. We call the waitress to ask why the food has kept that long, and all she told us was ‘we should exercise some patience the food will be ready soon’.

We continued our normal conversation as we talked about politics, relationship, marriage, law and other subjects whilst we ‘exercise patience’. The ‘ready soon’ extended to another 15 minutes and none of the waiters on duty saw the reason to come and speak to us or may be apologize for the delay in the order. We asked for our food again and we were still told to wait. At a point, i had to personally to go the restaurant to ask for our food and we were still told to ‘wait small’ Finally the food came after 90 mins of waiting and my friend had to make them pack her food because she was already getting late for her trip. The food is not so extraordinary for us to wait for that long. On top of all the waiting, we were served without liquid soap, tissue and tooth pick. When i asked for it, the waitress brought only the liquid soap and tissue.


Time they say is money, you don’t treat customers as if they don’t have anything to do or you are doing them a favor by feeding them. For Christ sake, they are paying. Who waits for 90 minutes just so he can get his ordered food? The major issue lies with where is there no form of communication and we are not treated right. Personally i am not sure i will want to go back there to eat again or recommend it for anyone unless i hear they have improved on their customer service. Maybe i will have to one of these days book a room for a weekend and see if what is stated on their website, “Our Staff have been trained to ensure our esteemed guests have delightful and memorable experience” is really true. To me its better to stay home and cook rather than to wait for 90 minutes just so you can have your ordered food.

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