We all seem to gravitate toward our comfort zones from time to time, and one of the easiest ways to stay there is to spend time with people who are just like us.Hanging out is by far becoming part of our daily lives or maybe i should say has always been part of our daily lives. We sometimes hangout to discuss business ideas, chit chat and catch up with the old and most especially for pleasure.


When hanging out for any of the purposes listed above, the few things we mostly look out for is the affordability and quality of the food, best of services and most especially space and less of noise. So far my best bet for a place with such services is Paragon Bar & Grill, Takoradi.

‘An exquisite bar and grill situated in the heart of Takoradi with sumptuous meal with exotic liquors’ has a wild range of dishes from local to continental. The 2015 founded Bar & Grill has a terrace which oversees the Best Western Plus Atlantic Hotel and the Takoradi Hospital. Paragon Bar & Grill is some few meters from the beach, the oldest Harbour in Ghana, Takoradi Barbour, the Takoradi Post Office and the circuit court which makes it a very iconic place to hangout.

They have very affordable dishes and drinks. By far its one of the places i spend less when i hangout. They have average waiting time and the waiters and waitresses there are very lovely. They mostly play music to suit the occasions and the music isn’t very loud.

They take table reservations and can always prepare something to suit your budget. Apart from walking in on a regular like most of the customers, i have had more than 3 major hangouts with friends and families there and it was really worth it.

The first hangout was just a walk it. We were welcomed very warmly and tables were joined for us. There was a time i personally made a reservation for someone’s birthday on phone whilst in Accra. The best part of that hangout was how economical but worthy their services were. I Made the reservations whilst on my way to Takoradi and before i got to Takoradi, they had been able to set up some portion of the place to welcome our birthday celebration. They kept our cake frozen till it was really time for us to grace the celebration with the icing.

My most recent hangout was with the family. We decided to take our dad out for a Father’s day celebrations and we were treated like kings to a special buffet at a very budgeted rate. Before we got there, they had set up a section of the terrace for us.

As someone who loves hangouts, visiting nice places, and eating good food, Paragon Bar & Grill will always be my first stop especially if i have a limited budget for a hangout and i want to have great services. I will recommend it to any group of people or family who will want to have a great time hanging out.


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