The KFC buzz started hitting Takoradi way before they even mounted their signature bucket sign. There were even rumors that they were going to wait till the mall starts operation before they also start as finally the the most talked and argued about – Takoradi Mall is set to open in December. Kentucky Fried Chicken

(KFC) is a fast food restaurant chain that specializes in fried chicken and is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, in the United States. They already had 14 branches scatted across the country’s capital and also in Kumasi and the newest addition was the one in Takoradi which is located at the advantageous entry to the central business district of Takoradi.

I have personally visited about 6 of the KFC restaurants i know in the country, counting from the Marina Mall to the one around the Kumasi City Mall and i personally enjoy their services especially using the drive through at East legon. I think that’s the KFC joint i have visited the most. Spending some holidays in Takoradi, I have already revisited most of the joints i go and i had KFC in the plan as well.

My first time going to the newly opened KFC in Takoradi, i used the drive through as i didn’t really have much time and needed to be in a meeting. As usual with a newly opened venture, the turn out was very great when you look inside whilst the drive through was very empty.I presume many people in Takoradi are very new to the drive through. I noticed something that’s a bit different from the drive through i have used in Accra. In Takoradi, you will have to talk to someone via a microphone to place your order, drive on to make payment to the same person who you spoke to earlier on at station one and drive ahead to pick your order from station 3. Whilst in Accra(East Legon branch) who ever takes your order, places the order and you pay there and drive on to the station 2 to pick up your order.

Innovations ain’t really bad but then i personally think in the future where many people in Takoradi gets to understand the KFC drive through, there might be traffic. I personal feel the first station is somehow useless as the same person you talk to via the microphone at station one is the same person who confirms your order, takes your money and prints out the receipts to you at station 2. But as usual the drive through is always faster than the usual ordering over the counter.

The Second time i visited the place, i decided to order from the counter even though the place was very packed, i still had my order on time. One thing i noticed is the fact that those serving are somehow slow as i am very sure is for the fact that they are getting used to the system and i believe they will really speed up their service rendering process when they finally get used to the system. I also used the opportunity to visit their wash room and i must say they have a very clean and well scented washroom of which i hope they maintain it.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed the Takoradi KFC’s experience and i will rate them out 8 out of 10. It is really a nice and cool place to have your meetings as they have free internet on their premises.




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  1. I am yet to visit the new KFC in Takoradi. Just like the drive thru in Tema Comm. 1 you will have to go through 3 points this I gathered from Tema helps reduce traffic at the drive thru and aides them get more time to prepare your request.

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