Recently, my buddy and I were in the central business area of Takoradi and considering how the scorching sun was punishing us, we needed a refreshing place to cool off for a while.


We had the chance to visit a cafeteria located just a few metres from the main Takoradi market, Market Circle.

The name of the cafeteria is VMinc Cafe and I must admit, we got what more than we deserved as we were served to our maximum satisfaction.

Looking at their setting, one may be tempted to think that it is an ‘expensive’ place, however, we were surprised to see how affordable things were at the cafe.

They served a wide-range of foods and snacks and you are at liberty to decide whatever you want to satisfy yourself with.

For those who would like to work on their laptops or tablets, it is the perfect environment you would ever get. Their cafeteria setting is absolutely unique and truth be told, there is no such setting in the city aside from this.

Well, I don’t want to bore you with unnecessary talks as I would like you to experience it for yourself anytime you are around that area.

The exact location of the cafeteria is opposite Tumann Enterprise on the Busumakura Road (Melcom Road), Market Circle Area.

Try them out because they are simply the BEST!!!



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