Most Ghanaian celebrities are very rude and indiscriminately flaunt this bad trait at everyone notwithstanding one’s status.

Although these celebrities in our write-up have a huge fan-base despite their rude character, most levelheaded people shun and detest them and we think if they alter their stance a bit by being humble, they could earn themselves more fans.

Let’s see who make up this controversial list;

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#1. Sarkodie

It’s an open secret that Africa’s most decorated rapper is rude and snobbish. Most of his fans have on numerous occasion pointed out to this flaw but as it stands now, he’s yet to ‘work on it.’

We thought his humble beginning before attaining this status will imbibe in him humility but as he always projects in his music, Sarkodie isn’t the type who would lay low anytime soon.

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