Rwandan President, Paul Kagame has earned plaudits for his leadership skills and firm decisions that have transformed his country from the rumbles of war into a beacon of peace and transformation.

In a typical illustration of how firm he can be, the president has reportedly sent a pastor packing from Rwanda and back to where he came from according a state owned newspaper.

The New Times cited immigration authorities as saying conservative missionary Gregg Schoof had overstayed his work permit. Police had arrested him for what they called an illegal meeting with journalists to criticize the government’s shutdown of his local radio station.


That Amazing Grace radio station was banned last year after authorities said it broadcast a sermon that described women as “evil.”

The New Times report said Schoof in a statement on Monday criticized Rwanda authorities for loosening restrictions on abortion and teaching about reproductive health in schools.

“Is this government trying to send people to hell?” the statement asked.



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