It seems our actresses are not proud of their natural body anymore. Physical enhancement is now the eish. There is a new beef in town; it’s not about music beef but beef of fake As.s.

Actress Salma Mumin has also gone in for the fake as.s and Moesha just can’t stop trolling her. Moesha Boduong started opening up about this because Salma Mumin accused Moesha of leaking information about her butt transplant to Sister Sandy of Adom FM.

According to Moesha Boduong , she was not the one who told Sister Sandy but Salma Mumin won’t believe it, and this has made Moesha Boduong now more than willing to open up about all this.

Moesha posted;

“So for all these years you were admiring and trolling me who was the jealous person here ??lol …i inspire you” 

Moesha again replied a fan that,

“Salma Mumin Cannot Deny That She Told Me About Wanting to Go in for Fake Ass, I Inspired Her New Ass*”

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