Salma Mumin, a Ghanaian actress and socialite, has enraged social media users when she ignorantly and indirectly endorsed a tweet by Afia Schwar that denigrated the personality of another lady.


Ridiculous Afia Schwarzenegger, a Ghanaian comedian, has resorted to social media to attack an unidentified guy and his wife, calling them names.

According to Afia Schwar, the gentleman is so dumb that he married a transsexual woman as his wife.

She then hurled some indecipherable insults at the lady and chastised the man who made such a poor decision to make her his wife.

She wrote and as a caption,

‘You married this thing with this long forehead n you have the guts to call me Names..
Your. Wife looks like a masquerade in makeup..Kwasiampayinbiba .
You married this transgender with a long face n you think you are on top of the world!! foolish her hard cheeks like a refugees.. sia G#y Man‘

Nevertheless, Salma Mumin liked the picture, which has put her in hot water. Twitter users are perplexed as to why a lady would want her fellow woman to be humiliated and shamed to that extent.

Salma Mumin, according to internet users, travels around ignorantly like postings without paying attention to the captions.

However, we still don’t know why Afia Schwar chose to offend the unnamed guy and his spouse.

Take a look at the image below;



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