Pearl, Sammy Forson’s baby mama, has publicly shamed him for shunning to play a fatherly role in their son’s upbringing.

According to an upsetting screenshot circulating on social media, the Ghanaian-Zambian media personality’s baby mama asked money for their son’s school tuition and school expenses, but Sammy brushed it off as a minor issue.

According to IG blogger @Tutugyagu gh, with whom Sammy’s baby mama supposedly had a private conversation, Sammy Forson does not pay any attention to them and he has not paid his son’s school tuition in 11 years.

The blogger wrote: Men!!! Men!!!! Hmm 🤦‍♀️ sammy forson you ankasa what you’ve been doing for the past 11 years is it good?? Y’all are part of the reasons why men have lost r€spect. You parade as a big boy on this app but lowkey you’re putting someone’s daughter through h£ll… Sammy I don’t think you’d be happy if someone does this to your sister.. How can you have a child with a woman and neglect them this way? What has she done to you?? Not even a call or text on your son’s birthday!!! Are you that w!cked?
You don’t deserve to be on radio speaking and advising people, you don’t deserve that at all, because you’re a l!on in a sheep’s body… Please do the needful before it’s too late.. Pearl only wants you to be in your son’s life and nothing else…Have you ever paid his fees before? Anytime she tells you about it, your reply is ‘LOL’… Like really? You don’t care about the boy wow… You’ve been giving her excuses upon excuses for the past 11 years,using plenty unimportant things as advantages to not pay his fees.. Not that you don’t have the money to take care of the boy oo.. You’re just w!cked and heartle$$… Go and take care of the boy SAMMY FORSON, before I w0und you on this app
My name is ADWOA MANSA TUTUGYAGU and I remain the notorious one..
Put it on your story, share to your friends.. Let’s make him go viral.. He’ll do the needful by force



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