Son of former Ghana coach, C.K Akonnor, Charles Jesaja Hermann Akonnor has revealed how passionate he is for Ghanaian music and the icons in the industry he has come to love.


According to Charles Akonnor, he grew up listening to the legendary Ofori Amponsah and he fell in love with Nigerian music after he listened to the likes of Wizkid and Burna Boy.

CJ Akonnor who plays for Belgium pro league side KV Kortrij, described Sarkodie as a rap god who has continued to adapt to the changing times and establish his feet as an undisputable figure in the entertainment space.

He made his submission in an interview on

Akonnor said: “I like to listen to Ofori Aponsa. He’s an old school musician. But right now, Migos is my guy. In Africa, Omah Lay and many Nigerian artists doing good music right now, like WizKid, Burna Boy. Of course Sarkodie the legend,”

“American music, my favourite artist is Drake and Pop Smoke – because you can feel the energy in his music but he sadly passed away.”

Meanwhile, Nigerian rapper, Superboy cheque has taken to social media to drop his two cents on the reason most Nigerian hip hop rappers are no longer killing it in the game.

According to Cheque, the old hip-hop rappers have failed to recognize the fact that the game and the style of rap have changed so the old rappers need to adapt to the changing times in order to remain relevant.

He called on the old rappers to embrace change even though it comes with its complexities.

He wrote: The reason they say Hiphop is dead in Nigeria is because most heads fail to recognize the vibe has changed , they still wanna rap like it’s 2010 or previous!!!!! Well, it’s 2021 and it’s all Melodies now , Get with the program and help your culture..



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