Nigerian media personality and ‘free thinker’, Daddy Freeze has schooled a Nigerian Gospel artist called Frank Edwards on a supposedly wide misconception that hovers a round Christianity.

The Gospel artist had earlier posted that his mom has made a speedy recovery on a sickness Satan visited on her.

In response, Daddy Freeze drew his attention into the fact Satan never killed anyone in the Bible.

He posted;

“My dear brother I’m glad that your mother is doing well now.

“However, you have publicized another popular misconception that forms the core of the current ‘christian’ belief system in Nigeria, that has no basis in scripture or theology,”


“This delusion has enjoyed great prominence in the minds of Nigerian Christians, who were erroneously schooled into believing unscriptural distortions by greedy charlatans, making a fortune off them.

“Satan NEVER killed anyone in the entire bible, Both the Old and the New testaments attest to this, so why has he suddenly opened office in Nigeria to kill the parents of gospel musicians?,” he added sarcastically.



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