Screenshots: Princess Shyngle Turned Down Men Who Offered Her $50,000 And 25,000 Euros To Spend A Week With Her

Actress Princess Shyngle has decided to share with her fans some of the offers men send to her DM on daily basis.

In some of the Screenshots she posted, some were willing to offer her as much as 80,000 USD just to have a good time with her.

Reacting to this Princess Shyngle said

” My DM is super fcuking lit anytime I post a badass picture my DM and emails is under attack by pussy hunters ready to pay anything to get this Gambian pussy. That’s why when I see l these Lying ass actresses claiming success and blessings from acting movie I just laugh my ass out. As in the same men sponsoring your lifestyle are on my DMS oh or their pimps are on my DM. The funny thing is these same men sleep with y’all brag about it oh, they tell s oh. Next time you come on set forming and acting big, babe abeg know you’re forming to because we are all dating the same men. There is no actress that became rich from acting movies”.

Read the rest of her post below;

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