In Ghana, if you have a case, you are dead. Every ‘Nick and Cranny’ in the society will address your case.

The most talked about person in Ghana recently is self-acclaimed dancehall king, Shatta Wale.

For about a month now, he has been in the news and it seems he will continue to be in the news due to his impending album launch slated for the 12th of October.

His new nemesis, Kwaw Kese did a ‘diss’ song for Shatta Wale recently and it seems the ‘mad man’ wasn’t satisfied with the words he used, as he has gone further to elaborate his words.

Speaking in a recent interview on JoyFM, Kwaw Kese explained why he chose the title of the song to be ‘PORKUM’, attributing it to be the cooked mouth of a pig.

He claims that ‘PORKUM’ means someone who talks a lot.

When the presenter asked him if he was jabbing someone with the song, his reply was “No, I’m just doing my thing”.

He later revealed that to him he isn’t jabbing anyone with his song ‘PORKUM’, but he leaves it to the fans to judge.

Kwaw Kese also revealed that the ‘beefing’ is part of the show business.

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