Ginimbi who had a premonition of an impending demise outlined how he wanted his burial to be conducted and what they should do with his assets.


Mr. Anderson told The NewsHawks about the will he had to sign a day after his demise.

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He said;

“It is hardly surprising, in the past few weeks or so, Genius would make reference to his own death, but we were not sure of what that was coming from, although I believe that it happens in life.

“Some people can predict their own death either through dreams or when they consult spiritual travellers or prophets. In this case, I shudder to think how it was revealed to him. But he spoke about where he wanted to be buried to six members of the family, including his senior maid.

“And also he had drafted some kind of a Will which he and his lawyers were to sign on Monday (9 November) but unfortunately, he died a day before.”

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According to his relatives, Ginimbi wanted all his expensive clothes to be burnt after his funeral and luxury cares sold and the money given to Charity. His plush mansion was also to be turned to a museum or luxury hotel.



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