At long last we have word from the SM boss, Shatta Wale and it is about Shatta Michy’s decision to end their relationship.

Shatta Michy in Instagram stories described Shatta Wale as an insecure person, a abusive person and always looking for faults in her and to prove that she added screenshots of conversations between Wale and a friend of hers, asking her if she’s cheating on him.

Shatta Wale posted a video on Instagram. He reacted and the surprising thing was how he defended the anonymous Instagram user, those_called_celebs, who threatened to post n@ked videos of Michy, same woman Michy says Shatta sent her n@ked videos and pictures to.

” People should stop calling me for info ,if you don’t love a nigga ,you just have to dump him and leave his tingz and go but don’t run away with nigga’s properties for nigga to come chase for it to look like there are no prettier girls in the world.. You got it all ,the cars ,mansion,money ,ur peers even envy your life and it hurts some of them seeing you behave like that .😂😂🤣Many girls in Ghana will be disappointed in you for having all this luxury life and all you want to do is live a wayward life of drugs .. @those_called_celebs @thosecalledcelebssMedo k)su na kyer3 nu the meaning of love ❤️ 💕💕”. Shatta Wale captioned his video with this statement.

Watch video here:


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