For the first time, Shatta Wale has ‘confessed’ the reason why he is always jabs Stonebwoy in a new interview.

The pair has engaged in one of the fiercest rivalries in the history of Ghana music and it looks like it won’t stop anytime soon as it was ignited recently by both parties in separate interviews on Hitz FM recently.

And in a new interview, Shatta Wale finally told us why he always jabs Stonebwoy with or without any provocation.

Speaking in an interview on Abusua FM with Austine Woode, Shatta Wale said Stonebwoy should understand and appreciate that the jibes sometimes he takes at him is part of the music industry antics and he should appreciate it as such and nothing personal.

He said:

Stonebwoy is just a cry baby who always runs home to complain after a fight.” 

He should know that it’s like a boxing bout where your opponent can’t hit you where it will hurt you most so you shouldn’t complain about your opponent hurting you too much.

He’s always been saying in interviews that he is better than me and that he’s won this or that award so I also want to prove I’m the best among the lot.

When Woode reminded him that the best way he could go about his ‘grievances’ was to do it lyrically, Shatta Wale quickly retorted that’s the style he has adopted and that he can’t do anything about it.



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