Although the Catholic leaders are also of the view that, priestly celibacy ensure priests the needed energy and dedicated to concentrate on the work of God so as emulate their Lord Jesus Christ who remained an unmarried virgin before and after his death, some priest secretly involve themselves in sexual intercourse.

The final funeral rites of a Roman Father, Oti Boateng, turned into a huge drama as a strange woman known as Vida Anim surprisingly stormed the funeral grounds with her nine alleged children, claiming they were the secret children of the late Roman father.

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According to Anim Vida, she was secretly married to the Catholic clergy and gave birth to the nine children for him.

Madam Anim to worsen the matter, showed pictures of her with the late Roman father to back her claim.

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The funeral turned out to be a drama as the people of Jamasi-Yonso trooped in their numbers to have a look at the said secret wife and children of the Roman father.

Meanwhile, the catholic leaders who were present at the funeral revealed that the late Father Oti Boateng never made them aware that he have children with a secret wife.

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