Comedian Ajebo has disclosed that showing emotions or expressing love isn’t an act of weakness as he advises that we should express love because it’s okay to do so.


According to him, an unexpressed love is worth nothing therefore, show it because it’s okay to express love and tell the ones you love that nothing is wrong with that and that doesn’t make you a weak person.

Comedian Ajebo added that some parents have never hugged or tell their kids that they love them because some of them think showing emotions is a sign of weakness but that isn’t the case at all.

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It’s okay to love and be loved as well therefore show your love and express it well by not allowing one bad experience you had robbed you of your emotions as there are a lot of people who are physically whole but emotionally bankrupt because of one mistake.

Comedian Ajebo then uncoated that harboring your emotions is the foundation of rejection, depression, and suicidal tendencies and it can be avoided by expressing love to those you love and not keeping them.

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