Simi is not happy about the arrest of Omoyele Sowore and whiles sharing her opinion about it, she got into a “head on collision” with a fan on the subject.

Simi took to her Twitter page to call the arrest ridiculous and unnecessary. “This Sowore matter is sooooo ridiculous.”

However, a fan attacked her for tweeting more than taking action. This nosey fan explained that the Joromi hitmaker has a large platform and can use that as an avenue to lecture fans on politics.

“Yes it is Simi.But you can do more than tweet, you have a huge platform,u have followers,we can partner with you to give them a political education on why this act should not be condoned and what can be done about it.Our people need information, u can help spread it.We’ll provide.”

Simi then replied:

“Everytime ‘celebrities should go out’ – but u dnt have their back when they do. When u see the guns, u run. When their lives are on the line, u no dey. Who wants to die for ppl that don’t care. Why is som1 more qualified to fight cos they can act or sing? It’s everybody’s fight.”


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