Is Sister Derby CRUSHING On Pappy Kojo?

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Sister Derby is currently single and can therefore mingle with whoever she wants, ‘thanks’ to the excruciating broken heart Medikal gave her not too long ago.

However we think the proverb, Once bitten, twice shy should be her cautionary word but it seems she’s ready to walk into the hands of another artiste and that’s what we fear most.

Rapper, Pappy Kojo shared a photo of himself on Instagram with the caption: ‘Grey hair there cos he nose too much. SIABA‘ which attracted a comment from Sister Derby.

The songstress who goes by the moniker the African Mermaid, wrote: “Tweeze or wax your nose hair okay? Love you.”

Her comment attracted varied responses from social media users, with some coming to the consensus that she could be CRUSHING on the Fante Van Damme.


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