Actress Tonto Dikeh says she is a born-again Christian and being born again comes with its own limitations. It means there are a lot of things that one should not do which includes having tattoos as the Holy Book speaks against it.

The actress in 2015 said she had 57 tattoos and after she became a full-blown Christian she spoke about getting rid of them after a fan pointed it out. Now, this video the mother of on shared makes us wonder if she indeed got rid of any of the tattoos.

She has this tatt on her arm and though we have not seen the others, like the one at her back in recent times, we hope she made good on her comment of wiping them out.

Nonetheless, we cannot blame her, you certainly cannot get rid of 57 tattoos in just a year. But she says she is a Christian, and without us being judgemental, she has to walk the life she has chosen.


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