It seems we are still not done with the whole Medikal claiming his held Rap down for 4 years. After winning the rapper of the year, Medikal has activated his bragging rights.

Medikal last week took to his Twitter page to declare that he’s held and saved the Rap Industry down 4 years ago, and he’s promised to continue with that.

His fellow rapper, Strongman in an interview with Dr. Pounds on Adom FM has disclosed that Medikal is just running his mouth, According to him, somebody should ask Medikal how many Rap songs he’s released within this 4 years for him to claim he’s held the rap Industry down.

He said,

Last year alone, i dropped 13 Rap songs. Somebody should ask Medikal how many Hiphop songs he’s released within that 4 years to claim he’s held Rap down four years ago. Forget him, he’s just running his mouth”.

He continued,

Rap is rap, Rap or Hiphop is not about hit songs. The fact that you won the Rapper of the Year should not make you be making claims which are untrue”.

Strongman is definitely not happy with Medikal at all. Well, Medikal is set to release his Plug EP in July.


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