Ghanaians have advised veteran Ghanaian actor, Psalm Adjeteyfio popularly known for his role ‘TT’ in award-winning local television drama series, ‘Taxi Driver’ to put the cash donation he has received from the Vice president of Ghana to good use.


Psalm Adjeteyfio after lamenting bitterly over his inability to pay his rent and also take care of his health as he is battling a heart illness, H.E Mahamudu Bawumia extended a helping hand to him and gifted him a whopping amount of GHS50,000.00.

Reacting to this outstanding gesture, some Ghanaians have advised TT to use the money wisely because he may not get such an amount of money ever again in his lifetime.

Thus, some social media users have advised the veteran actor to purchase a house with the money instead of paying rent. “Why don’t he buy a house instead?” Instagram user ‘_miz_dee’ advised.

Some agreed with her, others did not.

“Or get one plot and put up like single room self-contained 2 on it,” user ‘akoko_antwiwaa_obiabanye’ said.

Another user ‘amiraadamu7’ said: “Yes, but sometimes certain places one has lived in may be dear to your heart and leaving immediately wouldn’t be something you so much want to do. The neighbours, friends and even the environment may be a reason to want to live there more regardless of rent issues. Maybe too, a purchase of a new house would be good but moving out suddenly might be quite stressful. Everything is gradual. We may never know there are better things ahead for him.”


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