Sports betting is now the eish among Ghanaian sports lovers.

TV Presenter, Serwaa Amihere thinks more or less, betting among the youth is becoming a National Crisis and she has explained why with these 10 points.

She tweeted,

” Let’s talk about betting among the youth; is it becoming a national crisis?

She continued,


1.One of the fastest growing phenomena in Ghana is betting especially among the youth. has become both a means of entertainment and an avenue to make money.

3.Ordinarily,there may be nothing untoward about young people entertaining themselves by betting over football matches which they enjoy.

4,Like most things,the lure of making quick m oney can become addictive and that is where the problem arises,


5.Sometimes very young children are exposed to this and it may have consequences on their studies or general behavior and outlook on life.

6.Betting is supposed to be a highly regulated activity and in Ghana,the Gaming Commission is responsible for regulating the sector.

7.I do not have sufficient data exists to indicate the number of young people engaged in the practice of betting so it is not clear if it can be called a national crisis

8.The potential exists however for poor regulation to lead to the exploitation of young people by betting firms.

9.Parents and guardians also have a responsibility to monitor their activities of their children and take note of their potential involvement in betting.

10.They also must inculcate belief in hardwork in their children a nd discourage the mentality of making quick money which could lead to addiction to betting and result in all manner of problems.

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