Stacy Amoateng’s husband who is also a media personality, Okyeame Quophi has attacked Akua GMB while she is in a fight with his wife.


The father of 3 children has cast an eternal curse on Akua GMB for fighting his wife.

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According to him, anyone who tries or is part of a conspiracy to embarrass his wife will not know peace.

He also didn’t forgive Akua’s innocent children who don’t know anything about the fight between his mother and Stacy Amoateng.

This comes after Akua GMB and Stacy Amoateng recently crawled up with allegations about Akua’s failed marriage.

Below is his social media post;

‘I curse the mouth that conspires against you in the grand scheme of shaming you to their fourth generation. Anyone connected to their grand scheme will know no peace. They will have men but never husbands. They will have women but never wives. They will bring forth their kind and they will be destroyed by their own blood. They will know no peace. The rise of the sun will be the beginning of their pain and the night will be the end of their Joy. If there is a God that I serve and he hears me and speaks to me, they will be beggars, they will hunger and thirst and the world will bear witness and learn from from their foolishness. May their Favour and Grace be taken, their prayer be noise to the Angels that deliver them. May the justice spirit of Yaweh watch over these words and see it to the latter. I seal this curse with the blood of Christ which is still fresh on the alter of sacrifice.’


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