Ladies on social media have been advised to stay away from married men.

This advice was given out by a female social media user on the popular social media platform, Facebook.


Her advice comes at a time when young girls are reportedly snatching the husbands of their ladies with their seductive ways.

The post has gotten an overwhelming number of reactions with many people agreeing with the advice given.

The post she made reads;

“Stay away from married men …their wives pray dangerous prayers”

Some reactions the post got are;

Vivian Adika – Some of the married men are also chasing married women,they should stop.It is deadly

Mhaame Aqosua – It’s like dem take do you🤣🤣🤣🤣sister wo y3 new Comer in marriage wahu 😂😂😂

Jenny Squire – I guess you’ve not seen a side chick who’s also a prayer warrior before

Desmond Newman – Married women Association VS Side Chicks alias Husband snatchers.. I dey hailooo😂😂😂🤣

Efya Wusuwaa Sikapa – Saaa dangerous prayers no nyinaa y3 3waise af3f33d3

Mo Zato – Eiiish from d comments I can see dat pleeeeeenty ladies r chasing after married men paaa ooo. Whilst lots of single men r der too oo. 3y3 as3m ooo. This world no barance kwraaa

Okonji Funanye Ovie – My prayers is that let all of us get married and see how sweet and better marriage I do not have time to check or see any cheating man.I come in peace ✌️

Inna Fati – The dangerous prayers should be channeled at the husbands to stop cheating.

Adjoah Morda – Did u say prayers? Boi333 I don’t have that energy ooo
But wait ooo what happened to “what a msn can do, a woman can do better” 😎😎
Abeg shift make I focus the goal na to grow and glow not pray for sidechics



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