Ghanaian Gospel singer, CeCe Twum has stated that people should desist from labeling gospel singers as ‘slayquees’ because of their sense of fashion.

Gospel singers are known to be people who like wearing long dress those days to look descent but it has changed in this modern world.

But according to the singer, she explained that it’s not fair to call them ‘Slayqueens’ because their style of dressings has changed.

In an interview on Sky 102.1 in the United States, she revealed that there’s nothing wrong with looking good and appealing.


CeCe Twum indicated that God doesn’t hate good dressing as far as it’s not about exposing private parts.

She reiterated that good dressing is an indication of God’s blessing in one’s life.

She justified that the criticism about gospel singers has amounts to the collapse of their industry.


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