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Sumsum is back again and he’s digging his fangs into the skin of his nemesis, Afia Schwarzenegger.

Whoever told Afia to cross Sumsum’s path with her uncouth behaviour has done her more harm than good because the latter has demonstrated that he can really be ‘dirty’ if he wants to.

Susum in his latest outburst as far as his feud with the comedienne and on-air personality is concerned, said he prefers to kiss a goat for ¢50 than kiss Afia Schwarzenegger for
¢1 billion.

He further indicated that Afia would have been nothing if not for the politics she involved herself in. Sumsum further used unprintable words on Afia, saying that he will kiss a goat for ‘nothing’ than kiss the stinking mouth of Afia Schwarzenegger even when he’s offered a huge sum of money.

The comic actor quizzed Afia Schwarzenegger why she would insult him when he criticized her for disrespecting maverick politician,Akua Donkor.

Sumsum branded Afia Schwarzenegger as uncouth and a disgrace to womanhood.

Source: www.Ghgossip.com

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