Unlike African politicians, Swedish politicians are not required to have official cars or private drivers. They are made to travel and commute like everyone else in crowded public buses and trains.


The fact is that, Sweden does not offer luxury or privileges to its politicians as they live like other ordinary citizens of the country.

In addition, all Swedish ministers do not have any parliamentary immunity and are tried in a normal court like anybody facing trail would be.

Interestingly, we noted that these politicians do not have private secretaries in their offices and their office are reportedly as small as 8m2.

“I’m the one who pays the politicians, and I see no reason to give them a life of luxury,” Joakim Holm, a Swedish citizen said.

Politicians who spend public money on taxi rides instead of using the public train make the news headlines as even the Speaker of Parliament has a card to use on public transport.

However, only the prime minister, has the luxury of using a car from the security forces on a permanent arrangement.

The politicians also do not earn big as their salaries are just about two times more than that of an elementary school teacher.

It is even way lower at the municipal level as Swedish councilors do not earn a salary or have an office, they work from home.

Sweden is a country without excellence as it treats its public office holders as ordinary citizens without privileges.

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