It is okay to hate new year resolutions. The many times we have told ourselves we won’t do this or that in a coming year yet we end up doing the same thing over and over again.

Who wants to talk about how their resolutions never lived beyond New Year’s Eve— for some time now, I have actually come to the realisation that some resolutions can be made passing realities.

We are just twelve days into the new year and we are safe to say we have about 30 years more to go before January ends— this month has proven to be the longest month there is.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we as a people have come to appreciate and love this day. We don’t want you to be on your wit’s end trying to find that perfect gift for him this Valentine.

Mike Fisher is glad he “took a chance” on Carrie Underwood as the couple celebrate seven years of marriage.

Country babe Carrie wed ice hockey star Mike at The Ritz-Carlton Lodge in Georgia in July 2010, and to celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary on Monday (10Jul17), the pair, who share two-year-old son Isaiah, took to Instagram to write gushing messages about each other. 

An inmate in Alabama who was famous for escaping his execution 7 times due to legal challenges is finally dead. 75 year old Tommy Arthur was pronounced dead at 12:15 a.m today at a southwest Alabama prison after a lethal injection.
Arthur was convicted of killing riverboat engineer Troy Wicker, who was fatally shot as he slept in his bed in the north Alabama city of Muscle Shoals in 1982.