Angry Teachers Reject ₵50.00 Training Allowance

Apart from the fact that Ghanaian teachers were disrespected recently when they were served with ₵ 1.50 worth of tea and bread during their just ended workshop, they have bee slapped in the face once again after their supervisor (the Ghana Education Service) gave them a meagre ₵50.00 as sitting allowance.

The angry teachers have rejected the money on the grounds that they were promised, albeit not officially that each person will pocket ₵100.00 each at the end of the week-long exercise and not ₵50.00 that was being given them.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) and the National Council for Curriculum Assessment (NaCCA) recently launched the new curriculum which would be used in Ghanaian schools in the 2019/2020 academic year.

In view of the introduction, Circuit supervisors, headteachers and teachers in public basic schools were taken through a 5-day training across the country on the new curriculum for Kindergarten 1 to Primary 6.

The displeased teachers in the Kumasi Metro, Tema and many parts of the country who had concerns about the quality of food that was served teachers during the training, in an interview with rejected the ₵50.00 insisting that they’re being short-changed.

“We had information that we’ll be given GHC100.00 after the workshop, but at the end we realized that they actually wanted to give us GHC50.00 and we all decided not to take GHC50.00 so we all rejected the money and there was a demonstration. A GES staff spoke on TV about this workshop and disclosed the amount they’ll speed on us as feeding fee and ₵ 10.00 as the amount of allowance to be given us and so we expected that amount. When we protested that we’ll not take the money they told us that we should take the ₵ 50.00 and they’ll give the balance of ₵ 50 to your headteachers to be given us.

So it means that the ₵100.00 was actually given to them but they refused to give us what is due us so we left, nobody signed nobody took the money.” A teacher who wants to remain anonymous told this website.

Another teacher added: “We are disappointed in the way GES has treated us, we are disappointed in the sense that we are on vacation and we all have our businesses to take care of. But this five-day workshop from 8:00 to 5:00pm each day and the food they were giving us was also not food.’The GES must come out and appoint and investigation and solve the 

Source: www.Ghgossip,com

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