Born Akwasi Poku and known in showbiz circles as Kwaisey Pee, veteran highlife artistes has descended on the current government over its poor share of the National cake to the Music Industry.

In an interview on Atinka 104.7 FM drive talk hosted by DJ Candyman on Friday, 11th January 2019, his views on the contribution of the government towards the music industry were sought by DJ Candyman.

According to him, from where he sits, if as an industry, we can’t boast of a well spacious theatre which can accommodate more patrons and stakeholders who throng the auditorium to enjoy events, we have a long way to go as a country with regards to the government’s contribution towards the industry.

Come to think of it, the problem probably has to do with the agenda of political parties in the country, he added.

“Maybe they have their agenda before coming into power, and music might not be part of the agenda” stated.

Music is one of the great assets a country can thrive on if well packaged, and thus admonished the government to pay attention to it, he also told DJ Candyman.

He is quoted as saying, “they perhaps think music isn’t that necessary for the growth of the country, but listen, when, music is done well, it has a lot of benefits like attracting tourists into the country which helps the country holistically…”.


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