Some few days ago, Highlife legend Gyedu Blay Ambulley on TV3’s ‘New Day’ opined that Appietus is not fit to lead the Musicians union of Ghana. The Rado Rado Zo hit maker stated that; If Appietus has any plans to lead any union, it should be that of sound engineers and not for musicians; which is what MUSIGA represents.

Appiah Dankwah known to all as Appietus reacting to what was uttered by the highlife musician Gyedu-Blay Ambulley, giggled and said;

‘We shouldn’t waste time on Ambulley, the less we talk about him the better. He has contested for 3 or 4 times and he has never won because of certain things’.

The Azonto fiesta hitmaker also went on to state that;

Producers make musicians, without us there will be no musicians. We put them there and give them the opportunities, so why would you say because I’m a producer I’m not fitful? We pick them when they’re nothing and groom them into something. So if there’s anyone who qualifies, it is us the producers, because we hold down the music. 

He further quizzed; 

‘So what Ambulley is saying is that, a musician qualifies but not the one who made him’?

Speaking in an interview on DryveOfYourLyfe with PM on Y97.9FM in Takoradi, the award winning producer conceded that he won’t even be contesting this year because he’s embarking on a project and wants to focus that project.

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