Shatta Wale has spoken on the on going brouhaha— it is amazing how Shatta believes he is the best thing to ever happen to Michy per the comment he has passed.

We cannot confirm for sure that Michy indeed is a drug addict but for Shatta to actually claim the lady left his sorry ass because she wants to do drugs full time is preposterous.

Michy has given tangible reasons why she cannot be with Shatta. According to the mother of one, Shatta has been abusive towards her— he is arrogant with no compassion and went as far as releasing her nudes to bloggers.#

If that is anything to go by, then no one deserve to live in such rot even if the world is at their feet. Something Shatta’s puerile mind has refused to grasp. He says he has made Michy the envy of the world and provides her with it all, perhaps she should stay even if it means she would be abused on a daily basis.

To think that he thinks Michy is leaving his ass to do drugs though— I mean being clean has never been Shatta’s forte.

“People should stop calling me for info ,if you don’t love a nigga ,you just have to dump him and leave his tingz and go but don’t run away with nigga’s properties for nigga to come chase for it to look like there are no prettier girls in the world.. You got it all ,the cars ,mansion,money ,ur peers even envy your life and it hurts some of them seeing you behave like that . Many girls in Ghana will be disappointed in you for having all this luxury life and all you want to do is live a wayward life of drugs .. @those_called_celebs@thosecalledcelebss Medo k)su na kyer3 nu the meaning of love”.


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