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If you think you have had enough of the buffoonery being perpetuated in Christendom, then you are grossly mistaken.

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Fresh from the fakest stunt we saw recently masterminded by a so-called man of God called Alph Lukau whose ‘azaa’ resurrection was widely condemned, another pastor has stormed the internet with another ‘stunt’ which has sent tongues wagging already.

In the video we stumbled upon on social media, the supposed man of God is seen sitting behind a desk and awaiting to heal ‘afflicted’ church members of all their problems who have lined up in the front row.

Each person waiting to see the pastor had a very big placard on which they have written all their problems. The placard is placed in front of him and soon as he stamps it, you get healed- just like that!

We have not established the identity of this pastor or his nationality as at press time but we’ll update this report if our digging yields result.

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In the meantime, what do you make of the video? Would Africa ever move forward with this gullibility?

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Source: www.Ghgossip.com

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