The only biggest ‘Movement’ a cross section of Ghanaians know is the famous Shatta Movement. However, there’s a new ‘movement’ springing up on social media to add a new excitement to the status quo, but not in a way you are thinking.

This new movement, founded by Abby Chioma, embodies the [email protected] only and how it can be ‘expressed’.

It’s basically a concept to encourage women with big b00bs to flaunt it without restriction whatsoever, notwithstanding societal perception.


To demonstrate this, Abby who is well endowed with very large b00bs, went braless in a photoshoot that captures her [email protected] fully exposed in a denim jeans top her jean jacket unbuttoned

She further explained the concept of the movement;

The goal is not to desekzualize [email protected] The goal, rather, that the woman finds refuse, understanding and a sense of belonging in the movement.


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    Yes i can see a photo of a prety girl with blue Geans shirt wearing on
    top of her gougeous [email protected], that’s shows how preaty she is, isn’t it ?

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