Via his Instagram story, Oxlade-born Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman claimed that a lot of are single because their focus is on what does not even exist and have set high standards for themselves in terms of the kind of man they want to date and eventually marry.

He described those non-existent men by these boujee girls as dream men. His assertion has sparked mixed responses from social media users as some are against his submission whilst others malign with it.

He wrote;

A lot of boujee girls are single, lonely and still waiting for that dream man.

“They shove every guy away while aiming for what doesn’t even exist.

“Now they are all alone because they over standardized themselves.

“All they know how to do is fake small girl with a big God happiness on a regular.”

Here are some reactions to his post;

Which one do you have Oga and are you doing her well. All these self appointed philosophers. Face the one that is facing you. They must always put mouth for woman matter


E get some girls wey i know wey dey this table. Please if you’re seeing this, change your ways 😢.


And Na this same person sing Ojuju😂😂. Abuja girls really show this guy pepper

chimmyyafiana wrote;

You know a single girl can be content with being single. Not every girl bought the american dream of having a husband. Some women are also bougee girls that are lesbians. This analogy is OFF



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