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A pregnant woman Falon Griffin had her baby in the most unusual places; the washroom of a restaurant and this came with a little fortune.

The woman who was due to have her baby started having contractions after she and her husband stopped at a local store named Chick-Fil-A to hook up with a family friend before going to the hospital.

The couple had agreed to drop off their two older daughters for the family friend when the heavily pregnant woman felt she needed to use the restroom. Interestingly, the store had closed but the poor woman felt like she could not hold it before getting to the hospital.

The couple hit on the windows so hard the staff opened up for them. Robert, her husband, took his time to bid the kids goodbye before entering the store.

As soon as he was in, the manager informed him that his wife was screaming in the restroom. By the time he checked up on her, he discovered the delivery process had already started.

The husband who was excited about the delivery of their child took to his Facebook page to share the enthralling experience. Before long, the post had gone viral with many people showing interest in their story.

He had encouraged his wife to hold on while she was struggling to push their baby into the world. He revealed that he saw the baby’s head and knew they had no choice than to have her right there and then.

His wife could not sit all through the process as she supported herself by putting one hand on the wall and using the other to guide the baby’s head.

The husband also revealed that he saw the umbilical cord wrapped around the baby’s neck twice. However, he did not alert his wife as he simply worked on removing the cord from the baby’s neck. “With two more strong pushes, and using my shirt for a towel, out came Gracelyn Mae Violet Griffin,” he wrote. The excited father also stated that the paramedics arrived fifteen minutes later.

The baby did not have any issues being born in the store. The father revealed that her birth certificate had ‘born in Check-Fil-A’ on it.

The hospital also gave the excited father the honour of having him sign the birth certificate as the attending physician.

The popular franchise could not rest easy on the news too as the baby has been promised free food for life. Also, she has been assured of a job as soon as she turns sixteen.

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