Controversial Nigerian media personality, Daddy Freeze has reacted to a video making rounds on social media showing some women praying for their husbands not to cheat on them during a church service.


In the video, the pastor who was leading the prayers charged the married women to say a prayer for their husbands so that they will always find them appealing and find other woman unattractive.

Reacting to this, Daddy Freeze took to his Instagram web page to assert that prayers can’t make a person cease cheating, as an alternative such women ought to concentrate on enhancing their bodily look and odor.

He wrote,

‘This won’t work in my humble opinion.
I watched an interview of somebody who stated she was married to a closeted similar s€x man, she prayed herself into despair and fasted until she received an ulcer, his orientation didn’t change. It wasn’t till she filed for a divorce that her life started to have that means.

Joseph didn’t pray, HE RAN! Solomon and David prayed, David even wrote psalms did it cease Bathsheba or Solomon’s quite a few women that even led him astray?

Instead of all these unhinged prayers why don’t you observe @destinyamaka and let her enable you boost your marriages with some good concepts for the bed room.

Instead of all these comedy skits, these women ought to slap on some make up, put on nicer garments and lingerie just like the aspect chicks are sporting’.

Watch the video below;


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