Keche Andrew got married to the love of his life and President of Golden Empire Legacy Limited (owner of the record label under which Keche was recently signed) in a traditional marriage ceremony on Saturday November 30, 2019 at Dzorwulu Abease in the Greater Accra Region.

Since then, social media users who seem to have the final say in the lives of celebrities, said the young man is a gold digger who married Joana to rip her apart financially.

Coded has asked Andrew not to pay attention to these ‘stupid’ and ‘envious’ people who have no idea the love they share for each other.


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Coded wrote on IG that:

“My warmest congratulations to these two amazing souls. I’ve been around both of you countless times and it’s absolutely beautiful to see how you love and support each other. Your marriage will be filled with joy. P.S: Know that there will be lots of stupid envious people who feel they have a say in who you should be with, ignore them, they are not important and will never be…”


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