Zhang Yiming, founder of globally accepted mobile application, TikTok, has been dragged on Social media, following his comment about the app being created for jobless and unstable people.

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Users of the app have found Zhang Yiming’s comment offensive and disrespectful hence their decision to drag him and quit using the app with immediate effect.

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According to the founder, his intention for creating the mobile application was to serve jobless and unstable people in the community. Going further, he took swipe at India’s poverty rate, and patronization on the app saying he never expected much of ‘these kind of people’ in India.


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For this purpose, a look into the app and it features tells it all as most of it users use it to kill boredom by following actions and acting out their feelings.

Are you a TikTok user?…. What is your take on this?



  1. I find this really offensive . Never thought it was true it was popular on WhatsApp

  2. Its really shameful for we Indians knowing about the type of impression other countrymen have about us. Actually the statement given by Zhang is quite true. I wont say that in India employment is that bad, but it is true that tik tok is making the people of India less productive and jobless too. I once also heard about a lady police officer who got suspended for making tiktok videos while she was on duty in the police station. This app is ruining and destroying the youth of India. Nowadays it is also becoming a way to spread communal hatred and I once also came across a video of an Indian girl living in Canada who is showing her middle finger while the national anthem of India is being played. There are also few videos by the famous creators in tik tok promoting domestic violence and acid attack on girls. The amount of vulgarity in these videos are also no less. Nowadays we see all boys and girls making weird faces and doing vulgar dances in these videos.Many of them are just content with the tag of being a star in tik tok and posting their vulgar and meaningless videos. This is a known fact that the energy of the youth is being exploited by this app in a very wrong way and if it continues then one day this will cause a serious problem. However, I don’t have any problem with the app but the content of the videos made in this app. So I would like to request all of the Indians to boycott this app and try to do something more exciting and productive.

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