A young man identified as Tunde Balogun, a sales manager at Axa Mansard has taken to social media to list 10 most popular superstitious beliefs practiced in Nigeria.

I don’t think this interesting but absurd superstitions are limited to Nigeria only. Every tribe in Africa has this sort of ‘tales’ fabricated or designed to help kids behave appropriately.

Perhaps Tunde has observed that some people still practice this and has painstakingly brought the matter to fore so people realized that it has outlived its usefulness.

See below:

1. Hitting a man with a broom will render him impotent.

2. When our football team wears the white Jersey, we tend to lose the match.

3. Whistling at night invites snakes and evil spirits.

4. If you put your eyelashes in your parents shoes, they will forget the offence you have committed.

5. Don’t drink the water in a coconut, else you become a dullard.

6. When the sun is shining amidst a heavy rain, it is believed a lioness is giving birth.

7. If you lose your tooth, throw it on the rooftop. The lizard will pick it and give you a new tooth.

8. Placing your leg on the wall while sleeping is believed one is in a witch meeting.

9. If someone crosses over your legs while pregnant, the unborn child will look like that person.

10. If you spit on the floor and someone steps on it, the person develops throat ache.

Source: www.Ghgossip.com

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