1. Ice Prince

After receiving his maiden nomination in the year 2012 but failed to win the award, Ice Prince worked tirelessly to get his second nomination in the year 2013 and went ahead to win the bragging right. Currently he is the only African musician that has been nominated twice in a row and going ahead to win it in his second nomination.

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  1. I checked out your blog and saw the post about (Strong man). The way you discussed was really unique. I actually have a post that covers related topic. in case you’d like to reference it in your blog post:

    Either way, I’ll be keeping updated on your blog posts, they’re really informative!

  2. Yaw Amoako Reply

    Make research before you write, this is trash and i expected it from Ghgossip.. Wizkid has 4 nominations to his name and he won two.

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